About us

Primed Community is a registered not-for profit organisation based in Medellín, Colombia. Founded in the Comuna 13.

Here are a few things Primed does:

  • Community projects
  • Volunteer organisation
  • Immersive experiences
  • Learning opportunities


Provide learning and development opportunities for everyone while fostering a space where people can grow, connect and contribute to their community in a meaningful way.


A global community where learning and experience are accessible to everyone, especially those in situations of vulnerability, through the contributions of experts and volunteers.

When did we start?

Since 2016, after an epiphany at the buildings beside the Comuna 13 escalators, Primed has been connecting community through immersive learning and cultural experiences.

A similar story unfolded on the other side of Medellín at the same time where there was a dream for impactful volunteer experiences and meaningful ways to connect to community.

These ideas merged into what Primed Community is today. A not-for-profit based in Medellín, Colombia that shares learning opportunities with everyone with the aim to support people in situations of vulnerability and allow the broader community to share their knowledge through immersirve volunteer experiences.

Why do we do it?

We have a few key beliefs that shape what we do:
  • Everyone has the right to a quality education and opportunities to develop their skills. 
  • Opportunities can be cultivated through a supportive community that shares what it has and knows.
  • Sharing our stories is a great way to learn and can support opportunities and our sustainability.
  • Through community everyone has the opportunity to connect to amazing people and learning opportunities.

How are we doing it?

  • Create impact through innovative learning programs.
  • Reduce inequalities in education through creating learning and work opportunities for people in situations of vulnerability.
  • Advocate for modern, immersive, and flexible teaching methodologies.
  • Generate sustainable economic growth in communities by creating local job opportunities that utilise peoples’ unique knowledege and skills.
  • Foster opportunities to  connect community members to positive social movements and encouraging knowledge sharing.
  • Facilitate a network of trained individuals and volunteers dedicated to the ongoing development of social projects.
  • Establish developmental and integrative spaces like community gardens and experience-based workshops on topics of interest.
  • Expand our presence both nationally and internationally to garner support from like-minded individuals.

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