Discover Medellín's stories

through storytellers from the local community and their impactful social initiatives

Our Storyteller Experiences

Immerse Yourself in the Heart of Medellín’s Cultural Transformation

We invite you to explore Medellín like never before. Our experiences are more than just tours; they are a bridge to understanding, a journey into the heart of our community, and an opportunity to witness the transformative power of social initiatives. 

Join us as we unveil the true spirit of Medellín through our unique, community-led experiences.

What storyteller yours involve

Cultural Tours

Dive into the rich history and vibrant art scenes of Medellín's most iconic neighborhoods. Experience the city through the eyes of those who call it home.

Community Interaction

Engage with local initiatives that are driving positive change. Learn about community-driven projects in education, art, and social development.

Storyteller Journeys

Hear firsthand stories of resilience, hope, and transformation as told by our local storytellers. Understand the true narrative of Medellín beyond its past.

Sustainable Tourism

By joining our experiences, you directly contribute to the sustainable development of our communities, supporting local projects and initiatives.

Connect, Learn, and Grow with Our Community

Our experiences are crafted to offer a deep and meaningful connection with the local culture and its people. Each tour is an immersive story, told by our resident Storytellers of Medellín who have lived through the city’s transformation. From the colorful streets of Santo Domingo to the historical street art and escalators of the Comuna 13, every step brings you closer to understanding communities of Colombia.

All tours include being accompanied by a local guide and introduction to local social initiatives and medical insurance.

Moravia - Foundation and transformation

Embark on an inspiring journey through Moravia, a neighborhood renowned for its remarkable transformation from a former landfill to a vibrant community bursting with color and life.

Hear from one of the founders of the area about the history and transformation of Moravia and visit emblematic areas of Moravia.


  • Refreshing drink
  • Environmental souvenir

Comuna 13 - Graffiti and innovation

Santo Domingo - Graffiti and innovation