3 Great Volunteer Experiences in 2019 – Medellín, Colombia

Volunteering is the best way to improve your Spanish, meet locals, and connect with the community. While many tourists, expats, and digital nomads want to contribute to Antioquia’s continued growth, it can be challenging to find the volunteer experience that’s right for you.

At Primed, we partner with a variety of local organizations and NGOs to help you find the right fit. No matter which opportunity you choose, you’ll be giving back to the community in numerous ways while experiencing the joy that comes with self-improvement. Also, all new volunteers get 10% off any language course at Primed!

Here are some of our three favorite volunteer experiences available this year. Be sure to check out our previous programs on Facebook and Instagram, and fill out our sign-up form to get involved with the projects you care about most

1. Teach English

At Primed, we have two ways to get involved with teaching English. Our weekly program connects locals seeking to improve their skills and practice their conversational speaking with native English speakers in a classroom environment. If you’re looking to start a career in TEFL, or just practice your teaching alongside more experienced professors, you’ll find the chance to improve with us using CLIL methods.

We also provide project-based teaching opportunities, such as our Storytellers program – one of our most successful projects thus far. We partner with community leaders in Comunas 1 and 13 to help underprivileged youth gain the English skills they need to start careers in tourism. English is just one of the facets of this program; we also focus on building leadership and guidance skills for youth aged 16-20.

You can find out more about the storytellers program here. If you’d like to be involved in our next project, or start with our weekly classes, contact us today. Our teaching methods are not rigid or based on rote-learning; we use time-tested and effective strategies that build fluency in a relaxed environment. We’ll also help you gain skills as a teacher and connect you with other professional TEFL educators here in Medellin.

2. Community Development


Building a community garden. Developing recycling programs. Fundraising for disaster relief. None of these past projects would have succeeded without the help of volunteers like you.

These volunteer-led projects have been some of our most important. By providing assistance to community leaders, you’ll not only learn more about the culture and history of Antioquia, but help build a sustainable futurefor citizens and visitors alike. 

Check out our list of current and previous projects here. Let us know which project you think is best suited to your talents and skill set. With your help, we can continue to provide much-needed assistance to the most affected parts of Antioquia.

3. Lead a Workshop

Do you have a talent or skill that you’d like to share with the community? We’d love to help you host a workshop at our Laureles location or in the broader community. Workshops can be paid or donation-based and are fully supported by the staff and volunteers here at Primed.

You don’t have to be a master in business or a self-development guru to host a workshop. We’ve hosted experts in everything from nutrition to leadership to sustainable development to clowning and hula hooping. We’ve even had a Dungeons & Dragons master lead one of our most popular workshops. Any skill, any talent. Just bring your passion and be ready to teach what you know.

Talk to us about hosting your own workshop, or come get involved in volunteering with an upcoming event. It’s a great way to share our skills, learn new ones, and connect with a community you’ll love being part of.


More Opportunities

There are a variety of community centers, charities, and NGOs working in Antioquia, all of which need volunteers to thrive. Here are a few of the most notable in Medellín: 
  • SSVP – Helping the poor and the needy, the Sociedad de San Vicente de Paul provides meals and financial support to the under-privileged. Donations are accepted, as are volunteers. 
  • Techo – Techo is dedicated toward eliminating poverty by working with impoverished youth. Volunteers are always accepted.
  • Cada Vida – Cada Vida helps women establish independence and escape poverty through their ongoing support. It’s a rewarding experience with a long-established charity working throughout Medellín.
  • Comuna Project – One of the major organizational hubs working with Comuna 13. Volunteers can work in a variety of different fields, including design, tech, and finance.

About Primed

 Since 2016, Primed has been a leader in community experiences for locals and visitors throughout Medellin and Antioquia. We’ve had over 1000 students involved in our classes and projects, beginning with our Storytellers program in Comuna 13. We’re currently expanding to pueblos throughout Antioquia following a successful pilot program in El Choco.

Our list of projects and workshops is always growing, and we have new opportunities for you to get involved almost every week. Subscribe to our Facebook page to stay in touch, and be sure to contact us with your own volunteering ideas. Together, we can grow and improve our world in the most sustainable way possible. It all starts with you letting us know how we can help.

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