Primed: What does our name mean?

We are Primed community! But aside from seeing Primed and its variants across multiple large brands and in different forms, what does the word Primed actually mean? It has been a central part of our communities identity since it’s beginning in 2016 but why was it chosen and what does it mean to us?

What does it mean to you?

Prime, Primed and priming - our process and identity

Prime according to the Cambridge and Merriam-Webster dictionaries has over 10 definitions, all of which have beautiful meanings and many can be related to our community based in Colombia.

We chose Prime(d) as part of our brand because we feel that it captures the essence of what we want to do and who we are. It’s not all about robot trucks and online streaming when it comes to Prime(d)…

Prime and Primed


  • Main or most important
  • Of the best quality
  • The period in your life when you are most active or successful
  • To tell someone something that will prepare them for a particular situation

As its own entity as a noun, Prime has a beautiful feeling to it full of impactful meaning. What we take from it’s various meanings is that it broadcasts quality, importance, preparation and success – all of which we strive for, for us and our community. We believe in the idea that we all deserve quality opportunities for development and learning so we can be prepared and become our most successful selves.


  • most important, or of the best quality:
  • first in rank, authority, or significance
  • having the highest quality or value
  • not deriving from something else

As a way of describing things, Prime illustrates authority and prestige, where, from not deriving from something else, it evolves as its own entity constantly being aware of its sustainability in development and the importance of quality processes. We aim to provide the best quality learning opportunities to our community so they can convert them into opportunities of high value and impact.


  • to prepare someone or something for the next stage in a process:
  • to prepare someone for a situation so that they know what to do, especially by giving them special information 
  • to instruct beforehand
  • to put into working order by filling or charging with something,  to supply with an essential prerequisite 

Finally, as an action, Prime represents a process of preparation and instruction to get someone ready for the next stage – prepping that engine ready to start. At Primed, we encounter people at many different stages in their lives and our goal is to accompany them on their journey and help them grow in a sustainable, constructive and impactful way. We provide the spark to impulse people on their learning journey and connection with the community. At Primed we provide an inclusive environment where, through learning about our community’s stories, we work with their personal and community assets to prepare them for the future.


This use of prime in priming comes from psychology where we expose someone to something that influences their behavior later on.

The use of priming in a community context  is part of the secret sauce that makes Primed special. We view languages as a vehicle for other learning where through exposure to other content related to personal development and life skills we can help people take control of their situation and connect with opportunities. Students from our community take part in English and Spanish classes but with content tailored to their context and with biopsychosocial objectives intertwined with the curriculum.

We use content learning in languages (CLIL) and task based learning (TBL) to shape an integral learning experience where content is understood in a comprehensive way and learning can be multiplied.

So what does Prime, primed and priming mean to our community?

We believe that a sustainable community is one with lots of opportunities for development and learning. Considering that education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world (Nelson Mandela), Primed community exists to focus on what is most important – providing a high-quality immersive learning community where we all have opportunities to grow. At Primed, we’re all about preparation and collaboration and constantly ask ourselves – how can we help each other become better? We believe that with a supportive community we can all achieve amazing things and for people in situations of vulnerability, a little goes a long way. 


Help us create a Primed Community where we can all be prepared for the next stage in our collective processes through sustainable, high-quality community processes.

Let us know what you think Prime, Primed and Priming means to you in the comments.