5 tips to achieve fluency in Spanish, English and other languages

When we begin to learn a language what we want is to start communicating quickly without having to think too much about grammar. We know that languages are to communicate. We use various tricks to advance our learning process in a natural way using our context and resources in the community.

To achieve fluency, here we share you 5 tips that will help you achieve fluency in Spanish, English or any other language.

1. Practise every day

Sometimes the best advice is the easiest, don’t discredit the simple steps.

If you are living in Latin America or Spain, you are very lucky because you are learning while being immersed in the culture (in the case of Spanish). Every walk outside becomes a learning experience. But if you are in your country and you don’t have to speak Spanish on the street, practicing every day is the most important thing for you. You should take at least 20 minutes a day to read a few sentences, do some exercises, or listen to a story. Create immersive experiences for yourself so you are motivated to continue learning – if you like what you’re doing practise is easy.

Many times it is difficult to find the motivation to study or exercise but that is not the only way to practice, you can also do it by following the four points that I mention below.

2. Make friends who speak Spanish

Aside from practise you need an environment that supports you. Friends that speak the same language or are learning like you are sometimes the best resources for your learning journey. 

This is a very important point. If you travel to a country where they speak Spanish, it is very common for you to start connecting with people who are in the same situation as you, that is, people who are also traveling and learning the language. And that is very good, but remember that it is very important to make local friends, with them you are going to learn the local Spanish, you are going to develop your vocabulary and your listening, in short, you are going to converse in Spanish.

You can attend events such as language exchanges, dance classes, yoga, workshops, local tours in Spanish, all this will help you to be immersed in the language and meet local people. Remember that all these activities can be found in our Primed Community membership and that many of these activities are online. That is a great advantage, because if you are not traveling you can participate and make friends virtually or even stay connected with them after your trip is over.

3. Learn in your spare time

This is very common advice, but from my own experience, it is a resource that helps a lot. And is that who does not like to watch movies or listen to music in their free time? By doing these activities, your brain is listening and reading a language, therefore, you are studying passively and in this way, you will be learning in your free time without even realizing it.

Our key tip here is do things you like to learn, don’t force a hobby. We learn best when we’re comfortable and motivated to learning. The best learning material is what we want to connect with.

  • books
  • movies
  • series
  • podcasts
  • news 
  • hobby interests
  • skills you want to learn
  • communities you want to connect with

4. Register in pages to do language exchanges and other events

This advice is very functional, especially if you are not in a Spanish-speaking country. There are websites where you can do a language exchange with other people who are also learning and also connect with community events.

Some sites are:

Compas Urbano
Facebook events/pages

If you are part of the Primed Community you can have language exchange directly with locals in our community in different modalities such as our weekly language, events like our open mic, or volunteering and other immersion opportunities. Everything is included in our community membership.

5. Fluency classes with interaction and feedback

Primed Community has a unique program to achieve fluency and with which you will improve quickly. It consists of having natural conversations with locals about a topic that you choose on the Primed Community platform, and your conversation partner is not going to correct you because the idea is to interact naturally, as you do with people in your day-to-day.

Your conversations will be recorded to the cloud and a teacher will review them and give you feedback on the specific things you need to improve. In this way, you will not have to study the same topic many times but you will focus on what you really need while having real conversations.

Talk to our team and Primed to connect with our community and continue your process towards being fluent.

So what is our advice for becoming fluent?

Put simply, become fluent by connecting with opportunities that your context provide and search for other environments to extend your learning. 

  • Have and build your language learning community
  • Create spaces for practice and improvement
  • Connect with a good guide to learn faster


Let us know if you have any tips to share! We’re here to help everyone learn.