Another story is sown

A community experience planting gardens

Comuna 13 has become a space to tell, write and make thousands of stories come true and, precisely, this week was a space to build and relate from the land that unites us and brings us back to life.
Since June 1, 2017, a series of works began in one of the parks on the route to the electric scales, all with the aim of making an idea that was built from the Stairway to English classes a reality (process of English language learning that takes place approximately two years ago in the commune). French, American, German, English volunteers, among others, joined hands with those of the locals to give a new atmosphere to this area.

The collective work that was evidenced during these four days confirms that these are the processes that should continue to be promoted in our commune.
Children painting, men and women plowing the land, young people sowing and a host of other activities, allowed all the forces of collective work to come together this week. The learning is countless and it is gratifying to see how so many people have been joining the dream that many have had in the 13: contribute grain of sand to tell another story of this territory.

It is there when it is verified that education has to be a process that is always linked to contexts and social realities, it is there when it is understood that an English class has to have an impact beyond just learning the language, but also have the possibility of sharing with other cultures, of working for the community and creating processes of memory and peace from the individual, collective and popular actions.

Thank you! to Primed for always being there with the desire and strength to build together with the community, for providing their knowledge to Stairway to English, a process that in a short time has managed to position itself and from learning a language initiate paths of transformation in the territory. Thank you! to Lost Adventurers since they made possible this idea that at first seemed difficult, since there were not all the economic resources to carry it out.
Infinite thanks! to the community for embracing this idea and giving all the necessary support so that a living space, of nature, was built, where the days can start differently since the places they inhabit have changed their gray color for multiple colors of flowers and plants.

These are just the beginnings of processes and ideas that will sprout along the way, which, like what is sown, will always connect us with the land, roots and territory.
We are waiting for you to visit this community garden hand in hand with Stairway storytellers and to relive stories, dreams, and build other visions of this commune that tells other stories of life that are not heard daily.

Picture of Karen Palacio

Karen Palacio

volunteer, student