Community gardens in commune 13

A local experience of the primed community

I, like many others, believe that human beings are called to serve, and that is why projects such as the community gardens inaugurated yesterday in our commune 13 become so rewarding. And it is that, during the four days of work in the garden, we saw the transformation from apathetic faces to acceptance faces, the integration of the neighbors was something emotional, it is as if with the water they gave us or the tools they lent us they were saying thank you for taking us into account, we like you to be with us.

Yesterday, a truly familiar atmosphere was felt, children running, groups of friends talking, neighbors watching and talking over a drink of beer, locals dancing with foreigners … this can be summed up in two words, community gardens, the perfect excuse to make the other feel good.

Now, a process awaits us for this project to be successful. The people of the sector, knowing that the volunteers are going to return to see the progress of the orchards and improve the things that are necessary, show an attitude of satisfaction and approval of this beautiful work.

Personally, I can only say thanks to the guys at PRIME and the guys who raised the funds to carry out all this.

Picture of Cristian Pulgarin

Cristian Pulgarin

volunteer, teacher