Comuna Christmas: What’s coming in 2021

Community connections revitalise us and help us grow.

At the end of each year is a special festive time for a lot of the world and in Colombia it extends to over a month of celebrations through December and January.

At Primed we’ve always cultivated community and in this time period we have celebrated our ‘Comuna Christmas’ every year since 2017. Want to be a part of the festivities?

Primed has been active in a few communities since its beginnings in 2016 and have had various iterations of Comuna Christmas celebrations depending on where we are and what the world looks like.  We’ve had visits from Santa Claus in a helicopter, played football, sang, danced, eaten sancocho and done many other activities in the community and from our learning space. In the pandemic we ambitiously brough 100 children from Santo Domingo, San Javier and Moravía to participate in a series of activities, receive a community chest gift and eat delicious food.

This year we want to facilitate an experience with some local partners in Moravía where we have been implementing our community English program – Storyteller Formation – with the local community.

We will take part in some traditional novenas, bringing our dynamic activities and delicious food to share with the kids from Moravia and the surrounding district. Some of the local allies include Llévate alguito pues, Jefa (artista), Jarum and Moravia Resiste. It looks like Unity SME will be connecting with our community from the US and other allies in Medellín who are connected with the Primed community.

This event has been successful over the years thanks to international support and amazing volunteers that have helped create a special day for people that may not have a similar experience in the festive season.  We have received a mix of volunteers and sponsors over the years and are always happy when someone new joins our community.

As a volunteer you can lead an activity, support logistics, help in the kitchen or with the prior organisation – we’re also open to hearing your suggestions. As a sponsor you would help make the event a reality, organising resources to build a community chest gift for each child, transport for the community and the organisation of resources for the activities and food. If you would like to get involved feel free to message us for more information or you can go right ahead and signup with our volunteer form on the website.


Help us bring the cheer of the festive season to communities that could benefit greatly from a fun, educative and community based end to 2021.