This is a significant experience that has been developed in the Cristóbal Colón educational institution, since last year, seeking to generate greater motivation in learning the English language, as well as in the work of the four language skills.

In this process of developing the experience, I have counted on the great contribution of the Primed Community, this institution being the one that has established contact with foreigners, so that they contribute to the educational community. One of the first contacts was with the artist Adam Palmeter, who donated a mural to the institution and created direct contact with the students, thus allowing for informal conversations, putting English in a context to be practiced. Later in the development of the same experience, a class with a native teacher was proposed to Primed Community to hold a conversation meeting with the eleventh grade; Primed Community approved the proposal and developed the idea with the teacher Sonia Dheer, who, from Toronto, Canada, had a conversation meeting with the group 11 ° 1, since this meeting was so enriching for the students, she proposed to continue with this process. This is why every week we have a conversation meeting with teacher Sonia Dheer, with the 9th, 10th and 11th grades.

A video of other classes in San Javier:

These meetings have been a great contribution to the motivation of the students, since seeing themselves talking with a native teacher generates interest, not only to see how much they can communicate, but also to learn and express ideas in English. These meetings have been of vital importance for the students, who have gained in vocabulary, fluency, knowledge of expressions, among many other things that have enriched the learning of English.

All this shows that Primed Community is an institution not only focused on language learning, but also on the social contribution that they can generate, in this case with students from a public institution, with the beautification of the institutional space with the mural and the strengthening of English language skills, with encounters with the native teacher. As experience mentions, Primed Community has made possible with their contributions the encoutner of two worlds, for the students of the commune 13 of the city of Medellín.

Picture of Xiomara Morales Marin

Xiomara Morales Marin

English teacher I.E Cristobal Colón.