My Experience Being A Virtual Volunteer For Primed Community

English Teaching

As a United Planet volunteer I could choose where to virtually volunteer. After hearing about the immersive language experience Primed offers, I knew Primed was my preferred opportunity. My first experience with Primed Community was a conversational English class. After attending the last class from the previous teacher, Sonia, I was introduced as the new teacher. While I was definitely nervous going in, I was excited to be able to make an impact so soon. The students were excited to learn, and I loved being able to hear their stories and experiences. Each week the conversation went in new directions, and I learned more about life in Colombia. 


Other classes

I was able to experience class from a student’s perspective as well when I started taking Spanish classes. I didn’t know any Spanish when I started, so I really appreciated the welcoming and understanding environment. As school wrapped up for the year and my community classes came to a close, I started working as a staff English teacher. I loved getting to know the people I’m working with on a more personal level. Recently, I was able to share my hobby of drawing to others through drawing classes. They learned new drawing techniques and drew some cool hands. 


In summary…

I’ve loved working with Primed Community because the community is full of eager participants, the staff is full of caring, and passionate people, and every conversation I’ve had during my time here was lovely. I’ve been able to learn so much about the local culture, see students show their dedication of learning, and experience what community is all about: caring for others. Primed Community should definitely be your preferred place to volunteer, you won’t regret it.

Picture of Kauai Wilson

Kauai Wilson

Online volunteer for Primed with United Planet