Of theater and language

A recount of a theatre workshop experience

In Medellín, the theater is one of the artistic manifestations with the highest visibility, naturally due to the hard and dedicated work of the groups and organizations that detected the need to locate their niche in the city, to give the value that their work in local art deserves. . However, to think that one of these groups or organizations opens the opportunity to mount a play or scene in English is a difficult fact to contemplate, which is why Casey Breeden, a native Englishman who has been in the city for about a year and a half teaching his language in a private and free way, by the hand of Prime, was given the task of training actors from Medellin in a bilingual way.

In two days, the first theater workshop in English was held, called “English and theater workshop”, led by the English teacher. It had the participation of five students from different backgrounds in the theater, a couple of them without any experience but with all the motivation to learn the performing arts and to strengthen their second language. The result of this workshop in approximately four hours was a complete scene, with a script, rehearsals and putting into action, all directed by the impressed Casey, who knew the difficulty and brain exercise involved in doing all this in another language and developed for the brave students who expressed their enthusiasm at the thought that they can acquire two lessons learned together in a single workshop.

It would not be bad to think that this scene is the first of a group that could be the first in the city to perform theater in English and that consequently opens a new cultural window to the city, in which the growing population participates. of foreigners living in Medellín at this time.

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Ana Maria Fresneda

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