Photography micro-course

Photography micro-course

Photographic creations are born from the intention to communicate. Learning English is a necessary learning in an increasingly demanding and globalized society. Primed, on this occasion, united the beautiful art of portraying reality and English, which is the most widely used language in the world today.

Primed is an English learning place that knows the importance of knowledge and that sharing it is the way to advance to a better society. That is why this time she took the first micro photography course in English, opening the possibility of mixing two processes of knowledge and reasoning of different kinds, but in the end both communicating ideas.

Mexican journalist Mariana Mora and English teacher Casey Breeden, a native of England, developed the content and concept for this workshop that took place last weekend. Seeking that the assistants will find real situations of daily life, in which they have the opportunity to use their knowledge of English and simultaneously broaden their horizons by learning more about the profession of photography.

The methodology of the course was based on six hours divided into three days, in which the vocabulary present in the profession of photography was strengthened; A photographic outing was made to San Alejo, a historic handicrafts and souvenirs market in Medellín, and finally a review of material in which the captures of those attending the micro course were evidenced. The entire process developed in English.

The result is nothing more than a group of people applying their knowledge of the language other than their mother tongue that they decided to adopt, strengthening their brains while they find new dimensions that open their artistic spirit and who are preparing to collect a greater learning by joining the English and photography. The proposal is to move on and that both people who know and those who want to learn photography find in spaces like this, the option to improve in their second language, thus providing their hobby or profession with tools that encourage them to be better.

Picture of Ana Maria Fresneda

Ana Maria Fresneda

Volunteer, writer