Recon Summit 2021 in Bogota

Social entrepreneurship in Colombia is a relatively new concept that started to gain traction over the past 5 years. Central to this change and conscientization is Recon Colombia, a foundation of the second level that helps visualize social entrepreneurs and create a connected community that can learn, share and grow together to create greater social impact.

In Bogota, our director, Ed Broadbent was able to attend the third social summit hosted by Recon Colombia. The Summit for Social Entrepreneurship is an event full of inspired individuals and projects sharing their stories to help the sustainability of their visions and increase their social impact. Primed Community was invited thanks to their (award from 2019) with Recon Colombia, awarded for social entrepreneurship in the category of peace and human development.

Over the course of a day over 50 entrepreneurs shared the stage to talk about their visions, solutions and problems in implementation. Many impactful themes were discussed with the conversation moving from results in 2020 through strategic allies, equality, social impact, elevator pitches and finally engaging workshops to help the social entrepreneurs upskill and continue developing their skills.

Recon Colombia, forming itself as the community for social entrepreneurs in Colombia, invited and connected an  amazing group of national and international allies. One of the allies invited by Recon, the Swedish embassy, Primed has had the opportunity to work with directly in our project Storyteller Formation. Thanks to their support we were able  to help 40 people from Moravia in Medellin to internationalise their proposals for community tourism and connect with opportunities.

When it came time for us to share our pitch the usual nerves started to surface. Telling the storyteller story has always been an interesting experience, especially when it gets restricted to a 3 minute presentation for a Dolphin Pitch.

When did it start?

Why do we do it?

Who do we work with?

What is the purpose of the project?

How impactful is the project?

Despite the challenge we tried to summarise our communities purpose in 3 minutes trying to cover all of the questions mentioned above. There is a lot to mention when talking about Storytellers and the Primed Community, especially when it is compacted into such a short period of time. How did our director go?

From Primed we want to expand our community project, helping people use their personal and community stories combined with their unique local experiences to connect to opportunity and be more sustainable. We’ve done research and pilots in other communities and we want to connect with 500 people from 5 different communities over the next 2 years. Want to help us connect people in situations of vulnerability connect with opportunity?