Recycle, recycle with us

A student experience by Santiago Martinez

In many of the schools in Medellín, English is taught from very basic grades, teaching colors, names of animals, pronouns and even verbs. But in many cases it is still a responsibility to learn simply to win the subject and not have problems at home, because you have to do it or because that, I only have to see him 4 hours a week. In the need to communicate and learn from other people is that you see the usefulness of this matter, many times a child does not see relevance because all the friends speak the same language as one, who knows more and more people, and why not realizes that there will come a time when a means by which to express ideas and understand those of the other will be necessary, but they are nothing more than strange words for a child, expressing something that they already know how to say in their language, being so dont have much sense.

Primed has encouraged many young people in the commune to try to learn and give meaning to this language, it has tried to show that it does have a utility and that the way of seeing the world can be changed with this new language for us, and it has done through classes very much to do, to speak, to listen and sometimes to read, but in an unconventional way in which the student, be it a child, adolescent or adult, does not see words in English as a few more words if not as a way of talking to people, of telling about yourself and hearing about the other. I really don’t know whether to call what Prime does for us, the inhabitants of the commune, classes, because what they do does not feel like one, it feels more like a part where you can go to learn, patches in which English is learned not by obligation or by winning a subject, who we go is because we want to learn more about the language, or to make friends, get to know others and make yourself known, even to do projects for the community. Primed hangouts are not only limited to creating a different teaching environment in which it becomes fun to advance, but goes further to the point of doing things for the community and the environment, such as the recycling project in the that we unite English with recycling and we invited people to participate in both and it was a success, the event was attended by many people, many stayed in the classes and many learned something about recycling.

A little more at this time is the garden project that is approaching by leaps and bounds and it is a very ambitious project in which we want to make the neighborhood more beautiful, in which we want to teach about ourselves, prime, and in which we want to have a resting place in a city where pollution is a fact. For this project many hours of work have been invested where we have collected ideas, looked for places and discovered about plants to know what we can or cannot sow; and personally I think this project will be great to unite the community and attract more people to this patch that is prime, because we need more people because this will not be the last project.

Picture of Santiago Martinez

Santiago Martinez