My Student Experience at Santo Domingo

A student experience of the Primed community

Hello everyone!

My name is Hector, I’m 18 years old and I study at SENA Itagui-Antioquia. Earlier this year my life was getting very tedious because I did not have anything to do, but I wanted to learn a new language, so I searched for somewhere to learn.

I found the bilingual project that began with the teacher Philippa and continued with Casey, Andy and Ed along with teachers and volunteers. Their classes are amazing and fun, and with their personalities the classes are fantastic.

There are social inclusion, friendship and a lot of affection; We spend time laughing, learning and practicing english in a fun way because the classes aren’t boring and monotonous because they are unique and different. I appreciate and love this project; everyone gets to learn.

Casey teaches us to respect, to have fun and to enjoy ourselves. Andy accompanies us and teaches us confidence in ourselves because he participates as if he was another student. Ed is likeable and the knowledges that he teaches us are in invaluable with the subjects taught by Casey and Andy, and during the classes we also teach them some spanish!

They are good people and very funny, and the relationship that we have, isn’t one of teachers and students, if not that it’is of the friendship and sharing knowledge. With them, we discover and  learn; only not english but also if not also of the respectives cultures in England, Australia and Scotland. We have the opportunity to learn different points of view, open new opportunities and new futures, everything  thanks to them.

Thanks to these classes, my future is more nearby of the planned and it gives me the possibility of to meet people that will open my life to new stages.

The knowledge acquired helps us to understand in an easy way, fast and fun the English. Only not is to learn theory and grammar, it’s about learning other ways to see and approach the world.

Thank you very much.


Picture of Hector Zapata

Hector Zapata

Community English Student